An Open Letter To My ‘Fro

Dear Fro,

You are amazing and wonderful. I never knew that such a magnificent creature could grow naturally from my own body. You constantly show me that God has created me as an individual who is beautiful. You are different every day. Wild and Free are two words I would use to describe my Fro. Everyday, when I look in the mirror, you remind me to be a Bad Ass Motherfucker. You really don’t give a shit and I usually appreciate that.

Love or Hate? I'm not sure.

Love or Hate? I’m not sure.

But right now, you’re kind of pissing me off. I love it when you don’t care about what the world thinks but lately, you don’t care about what I think. I try to style you, and you laugh at me. I try to detangle you, and you eat my comb. So at this very moment, it seems that we are at a crossroads.

Will I relax you? Never. I can’t ask you to be anything but what you are. But you are going in time out. That’s right. A time out. I need a break from you. You’re stressing me out and I can’t deal with you right now. So for the next couple of weeks, you shall be covered. A wig or turban will do. Nothing permanent needed.

Maybe when I free you, I will be more appreciative of EVERYTHING that you are.



Patterned Leggings: OOTD

Another OOTD vid cuz I love doing them!!! This one is a super casual look for these awesome patterned leggings I got from H&M before they closed around my neck of the woods (booo you whore, H&M). I paired it with a black tank top and an ombre button down from Lord and Taylor. I really love this look and it was great for a casual day with the girls.

What would you wear with your patterned leggings?

Sunny Day: OOTD

Spring is here! It only took FOREVAAAA. But it’s may and the temps decided to move into the 70s and I’m appreciative. No complaints. Anywho, check out my sunny day outfit inspired by Solange Knowles.

Solange wears tons of yellow and is always just a ray of sunshine and I wanted to be a ray of sunshine on this beautiful day too! Thanks for watching!