Patterned Leggings: OOTD

Another OOTD vid cuz I love doing them!!! This one is a super casual look for these awesome patterned leggings I got from H&M before they closed around my neck of the woods (booo you whore, H&M). I paired it with a black tank top and an ombre button down from Lord and Taylor. I really love this look and it was great for a casual day with the girls.

What would you wear with your patterned leggings?

Sunny Day: OOTD

Spring is here! It only took FOREVAAAA. But it’s may and the temps decided to move into the 70s and I’m appreciative. No complaints. Anywho, check out my sunny day outfit inspired by Solange Knowles.

Solange wears tons of yellow and is always just a ray of sunshine and I wanted to be a ray of sunshine on this beautiful day too! Thanks for watching!

10 Things I DON’T Miss About NYC

1. The expensive ass rent.

Lemme tell you how much I payed in rent: too damn much that’s how much. It’s really a shame that in cities like New York, people can’t live reasonably. Manhattan? Forget about it. Brooklyn? Those hipsters pay a pretty penty to be cool and trendy. Everywhere else? Still expensive as fuck.

2. The Judgment.

You Know You Want Summa This

You Know You Want Summa This

Sometimes, when it’s late at night I get hungry. So I take my greedy self  to the nearest kitchen or corner store in whatever I happen to be wearing. So I see no problem going to get my late night snack in my footie pajamas. AND enter the judgment. People looking at me all sorts of crazy. What? I didn’t look that bad.

3. The G Train

That train was forever trying me. Like I don’t understand why it was neva eva eva on time. Someone please explain it to me.

4. The Fashion Girls

Because I was an intern at a fashion company that shall remain nameless, I was surrounded by fashion girls. Some of them were super nice awesome people. The rest were the most self important and egotistical people I have ever met.  I sat at an office lunch and listened to the entire staff make fun of someone for being a cosmetologist. And there I was sitting and thinking, “I always wished I could do hair”.

5. Pigeons, Pigeons, E-ver-y-wurrr

I hate fuckin birds. Like fo real. They are gross. And I especially hate pigeons. Rats of the sky. In the words of ms. raven simone, “ya nasty”.

6. People on the Train

Every single day, either on the train or in the station, someone would tuhhry me. Especially the people who would STAND on the left side of the escalator. WHYYYYYYY GOD WHYYYY???

I for real saw this shit

I for real saw this shit

7. Too Many Restaurants

I love to eat good food. It’s a past time of mine so when I git to the city I had a foodgasm. I was in heaven for real. So I ate everything until I realized my jeans were fitting a little snug. Then I went and got on the scale in the mailroom of my job and imagine my shock when I was big as a house. True story y’all: New York made me fat.

8. Busy Busy Busy

I would say for the most part New Yorkers aren’t rude, they’re just busy. They have places to go and people to see and you need to get out of their fucking way. Stop to talk to one of these people and they’re probably pretty swell but mess with their morning commute and lose a limb. It be like that sometimes.

9. Homeless Holla

Listen, I appreciate a compliment from a man (or woman) on most days but the men in New York DID THE MOST. A man (who I’m going to assume was residentially challenged) once followed a whole block and halfway down the subway steps asking if he could take me home. No sir, you may not. For a variety of reasons.

10. Allll byyyyy Myselfffff

I had friends in NYC, but I still felt really alone. It made me sad and I was overwhelmed so after about 7 months I pached my stizzle and came home. NYC, It was nice knowin’ ya.

DIY Retro Glam Sunglasses

I love summer and sun and retro styles and I was super bored a couple of nights ago and went to my local craft store. I spent a shit ton of money in there like it wasn’t even okay. But what’s done is done so I walked out with three cases of swarovski crystal rhinestones among other things. I had a plain black pair of cat eye sunnies from target that were just begging to be jazzed up so that’s what I did.

Here’s a look at how I did it:

Want more detailed instructions? Keep reading!!!

1. Lay out all of your supplies.

2. Place your crystals/rhinestones out on a flat surface for easier access.

3. Place a small amount of super glue on your sunglasses and quickly place your rhinestones where you want them.

4. Repeat until you’re satisfied!

Super easy right? And I love my retro glam sunnies. I think they’re super duper cute.

Simple Scarf Style

Every Natural haired girl loves a good scarf style. This is a fact. There is no scientific evidence to prove it but it’s a fact. Accept it. I have a couple of scarf styles I like to rock and this is one of them. It’s super quick and easy and I think it’s quite glamorous. Ch- ch- check it out!!!!

Do you rock a scarf or turban? What’s your favorite way to style it?

Style Steal: Beyonce Pepsi Commercial

So I kind of love Beyonce and I love this Pepsi commercial. And while I love all of her old throwback looks, I’m kind of obsessed with the simple all black ensemble she’s sporting in the present day. I’m sure whatever she’s wearing is hella expensive and I don’t live with a Beyonce budget so here are a couple of cute options for all the cheap and chic fashionistas.

HIgh Waisted Leather Shorts

These high waisted leather shorts are a great dupe for the pair that Bey is wearing. Leather is a hot trend right now so you can  mix these with other outfits as well.

Black Bra

Up top, put a simple black bra, bandeau, or midriff top underneath a cute sheer blouse. If you love this bra, find it here.

Target Mossimo Sheer Tank

Target Mossimo Sheer Tank

Lastly, wear a sheer black blouse over your bandeau/ bra to finish off your look.

While Beyonce wore a pair of strappy black sandals I would prefer A cute pair of red pumps similar to those she rocked in the Crazy In Love Video.

What do you guys think? Are you loving Beyonce’s look?