Confessions of A Product Junkie

Hello my name is Marra (aka myfashionforreal on youtube) and I have a problem.

This ain't eem everything

This ain’t eem everything

I suffer from a disease and it is call Product Junkyism. PJism occurs when a natural hair girl, usually newly natural, watches too many youtube videos and reads too many blogs on the topic of natural hair. And the this newly natural diva starts getting hair envy because she sees all of these perfect curls. So what does she do? She buys every gahtdamb product she sees other naturals use in an attempt to achieve the perfect curl. Because if I use the same products of the half asian half black half white chick on youtube we’ll have the same hair right? Right? RIGHT?

No? Well shit, I just wasted a ton of money.

I have so many bottles of mess in my bathroom that I don’t even use. I give somethings away. Some products are complete trash so I throw them away and some haven’t even been tested because I haven’t had the time. I bought two thirty dolla bottles of Kiehl’s Conditioner and Leave In a couple of months ago that have never seen the light of day. Why did I buy those? not a rhetoical question. If you are reading this please tell me why I bought those. Thanks.

All of that to say, after all the crappola I bought, I go back to the Original Gangstars of my hair regimen. I guess ain’t nothin’ like the real thang. Or something like that. I don’t know.

Simple Scarf Style

Every Natural haired girl loves a good scarf style. This is a fact. There is no scientific evidence to prove it but it’s a fact. Accept it. I have a couple of scarf styles I like to rock and this is one of them. It’s super quick and easy and I think it’s quite glamorous. Ch- ch- check it out!!!!

Do you rock a scarf or turban? What’s your favorite way to style it?

Why Protective Styling Is Just Not for Me

I love my hair. Like for real. I love my teeny weeny ass afro. I love putting my hands in it. I love it when it frizzes. Unlike many new naturals, I don’t dread wash day. It’s my favorite day of the week because it’s like i have all new hair to experiment with. My natural hair is different every single day and I love that.


For this reason, protective styling is just not for me. I simply cannot do it. I’ve tried. I’ve tried the little mini twists: cute but after a day I wanted to break free. I’ve tried the wigs with braided hair underneath and basically all other low manipulation styles possible for my short hair. But it just wasn’t for me.

Many Naturalistas preach that Protective Styling is necessary in order to obtain that ever elusive bra strength length hair. So mann natural women swear by their protective styling methods. And good for them! I wish I had that kind of patience and control. BUT I don’t. I cant. I don’t have the patience. So maybe my hair will never reach impressive lengths but I’m okay with that because right now I’m loving my hair just as it is.