Coconut Oil for Healthy Nails

Dry, weak, brittle nails??? Me too!!! For like my whole entire life. I’ve always envied those girls (and guys) with long natural nails but never knew how to get them. Well, I have found a way!!! Ready for the secret that will change your whole life? Okay that was an over sell but still it’s pretty cool. COCONUT OIL!!!! If you’re into health and beauty and natural hair you’ve probably heard all about coconut oil but here it is again.

I started rubbing coconut oil into my cuticles and nail beds everyday. It initially began as a thirty day challenge for myself but now I do it everyday. I have seen noticeably stronger nails that don’t break or shingle. Because of this, I’ve been able to retain some serious length. I’ve also stopped painting my fingernails as often and I’ve seen a definite difference.

Have you tried using coconut oil to help your nails? How did it work for you? Let’s discuss!